Covid-19 Alert Level 2

On Monday 11th of May the announcement was made that Covid Level 2 could be applied from from Thursday, May 14th. The club committee has been studying the guidelines, seeking advice, and planning for reopening the club to members. There are still significant constraints on the way we are required to operate, and these will continue to evolve over the weeks and months ahead. The information presented below aims to describe the way we need to operate under Alert Level 2 for now.

Public Health Guidelines

  • If you are unwell - do not come to the club.
  • If you have any Covid symptoms or feel unwell - contact Healthline or your GP to arrange testing.
  • Practise physical distancing at all times - 2m.
  • Practise good hand hygiene - Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.
  • Be kind

Contact Tracing - General Access to the Club

For at least the duration of Alert Level 2 all members must complete the contact tracing register when entering the club and/or using club facilities or equipment. The following facilities will be in place for contact tracing relating to casual access to the club:

Log Book

A log book will be placed inside the entrance doors. We are conscious of privacy issues, and the fact that the register is open and accessible to all members. Only the following details are required to be recorded in the register:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date and Time in
  • Time out.

This information can be linked to our membership database to provide full contact tracing should it be required by Health Officials. We are required to keep this information for a minimum of 4 weeks. It will be destroyed after a maximum of 8 weeks.

When using the Log Book, use hand sanitiser provided, and wash your hands thoroughly, fill in the log book, wash your hands again.

Contactless Register

There will be posters at the entrance doors with QR codes and the web address to allow the use of the Simple Trace system. This can be used to register your visit by logging your name, email address, and contact phone number. The system will automatically record the date and time of your visit. Once a day, you will receive a summary of the places you visited and registered with Simple Trace. Once a day, a summary of visitors will be emailed to the club. This information will only be used for contact tracing purposes, should it be required. It will be destroyed after a maximum of 8 weeks.

Only members will be permitted to access the club using these contact tracing tools. You must be a current financial member, registered in our membership database. If you are unsure, please email Michelle to confirm admin@arawa.org.nz

Contact Tracing - Group Sessions

Public Health guidelines require group activities to be limited to a maximum of 10 people, and for specific contact tracing to be in place. To facilitate this we will be using the club's booking system for all group sessions to comply with these requirements. The session numbers include the coach/instructor. Please register in advance for all sessions. Sessions will close when the limit of 10 people has been reached. If you are unable to attend, please cancel the booking via the link provided in the booking confirmation email you will receive when you make your booking. Failing to do so will result in a lost opportunity for others who may wish to attend. The following sessions will be available to book immediately:

  • Multi-Sport Beginners Sessions
  • Brett's Technique Sessions
  • Sam's Multi-Sport Intermediate Sessions
  • Flat water Coaching

Others may be added as volunteer capacity permits.


Disinfectants are available in all high touch areas of the club. All members must take personal responsibility for the cleaning of surfaces before and after activities. Equipment that must be wiped down with disinfectant before/after use includes:

  • Gym Equipment
  • Ergs
  • Club Kayaks and paddles.

Hand Sanitiser will be available next to the contact tracing register - use this after you have filled in your details in the register. We will do our level best to maintain a supply of hand cleanser, but we also recommend you have your own personal supply as a backup.

Personal/Collective Responsibility

As a membership/volunteer-based organisation, each and every one of us relies on fellow members to do the right thing and protect ourselves and each other from the risks associated with the Covid-19 virus. If you are not prepared to play your part and help protect the health, safety, well being and access for all - stay away! Members identified as not following the guidelines provided may have their membership suspended or canceled.


The club will reopen on Saturday the 16th of May, from 8:00am. Normal key fob access and alarm deactivation times back in place from then. Thanks for your patience over the last few weeks. We look forward to seeing you - at a safe distance.

Take care, be kind, and enjoy the opportunity to get out again.