A club is only as good as its members, and Arawa has the whole spectrum from keen beginners to hardened veterans, people who just want to stay in shape, some who want a social paddle from time to time, and some who just want to go hard out racing.

Feedback from new members is that the club is very beginner-friendly, probably because we’ve all been there and asked the dumb questions, so we know what it’s like and are more than willing to help out.

Arawa members have been dominating New Zealand multisport for many years now, and it’s very satisfying to watch out-and-out beginner’s progress right through to the tops of their classes, and see other members continuing to do well at all levels of kayaking and multisport.

Membership Application

Membership application forms are available under the noticeboard inside the Arawa clubrooms, and via the links below. Please ensure that all areas of the form completed (including Membership Fee area). Check carefully that this is completed and accurate to help us process your application in a timely manner.

We recommend that you add a key deposit to your membership fees – this means that you can access the club rooms at your convenience (during opening hours). This deposit is refunded when your resign provided your key is returned.

Our preferred method of application form submission is via the use the Word Document and type in your responses. (This means we don’t have to decipher your handwriting!) Either save the document and send as an attachment or print it out and scan (or take a clear photo) of the form and send a JPEG or PDF attachment.

Membership Cap

In June 2019 the club's membership surpased 600. In the context of an Earthquake damaged clubrooms, limited availability of coaches, congestion on the Avon at peak times, the Club Committee decided to place a cap on the number of members at 600 until such time as capacity to service more members could be increased. This is a decision that wasn't taken lightly as one of Arawa's founding principles is the promotion of our sport and encouragement of new members to become involved. We will continue to work with the Christchurch City Council, other river users and the paddling community to expand the resource available, but in the meantime a waiting list has been established to keep tabs of those wishing to join our club. The membership application remains largely unchanged, with the exception of the potential wait for resignations of existing members to make way new members before new memberships can be approved by the Committee. If you wish to join the Arawa, here is the current process:

  1. Complete a Membership Application form (see the links below)
  2. Forward this to admin@arawa.org.nz.
  3. Your application will be acknowledged with advice of the current length of waiting list, if any at the time.
  4. Your application will be notified to the committee along with an update on the current number of members.
  5. As soon as membership falls below the cap, you will be advised to complete payment of subscription/fees.
  6. On receipt of payment, your welcome pack will be delivered and your membership will begin.


Get in touch with us. See details below of where to find the clubs and how to contact the club's administrator.

Contact details for Arawa's committee can be found here - Committtee

Kerr's Reach

+64 22 171 1890

Office hours - Monday to Thursday 9.30am-2.00pm.
If the phone is unattended, please leave a message or contact us via email or Facebook Messenger